Chandara, XMM-Newton
Katsuda attended Frascati Workshop 2011

Dr. Katsuda attended an international conference, Frascati Workshop 2011 “Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources” (, held at the Vulcano island (Italy) during May 23-28 in 2011, and gave an oral presentation. Katsuda and collaborators observed Galactic supernova remnants with Chandra (NASA) and XMM-Newton (ESA), and succeeded in measuring direct motions of shock waves […]

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A paper on Gamma-ray emission from winter thunderstorms has been accepted at Journal of Geophys. Res. D.

Tsuchiya reported gamma-ray emission from winter thunderstorms, and its paper has been published from Journal of Geophys. Res. D, which can be available from here.In this paper, we estimated the distance to the gamma-ray emission region in the thunderstorms, and found the possibility that the gamma-ray emission is derived.

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